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Aircon Chemical Overhaul: Pros and Cons


Jul 17, 2023
Aircon Chemical Overhaul

The climate in Singapore is often humid and warm most of the year. This implies that the people of Singapore will need an air conditioning system. Mould, germs, and mildew may thrive within an air conditioner. So, it is necessary to have this system maintained periodically. For the continued functionality of ageing systems, a complete revamp is required. In contrast, systems that have been inactive for an extended period require a comprehensive overhaul.

If you require an air conditioner inspection, you’ve come to the correct spot. However, did you know that chemical cleaning of your air conditioner might extend its lifespan? This article will examine the advantages and downsides of air conditioner chemical overhaul in Singapore. This will assist you in deciding whether or not to clean your air conditioning systems. If you use your system at home, you should have it examined every three months. However, if you use it for business, you should check it every month.


You can breathe in the clean, fresh air, enhancing your quality of life.

This indicates that you will be able to avoid becoming unwell. This is because the cleaning will eliminate any mould that makes breathing harder.

The air conditioning system will have a longer lifespan.

This will ensure their optimal operation. Frequent maintenance will help prevent the system from breaking down frequently. It will reduce the necessity for repairs.

You may save a great deal on electricity.

Proper maintenance will assure a certain degree of cost savings. This is because the maintenance will require cleaning the moving components, such as the exterior units, and ensuring that the electrical wiring is in good condition.

It will lower the rate of condensation.

Following the maintenance, the system will look brand new. This will decrease the rate of condensation often produced by overheating. This will result in a colder atmosphere.

It will speed up the cooling process.

An older system or one that has been inactive for a while tends to function slowly. But, following maintenance, it will chill the atmosphere more quickly. This is because less dust will clog it. Regular maintenance is necessary to achieve faster cooling.


Sensitivity to chemicals.

Some individuals are sensitive to the chemicals used to clean these systems. This will result in respiratory system issues that cause allergies, discomfort, and breathing difficulties.

This service is costly.

Compared to other cleaning techniques, this one is extremely costly. This is due to the expense of cleaning chemicals, equipment, and specialist skills.


The cleaning procedure requires a considerable amount of time to accomplish. This is because a system shutdown is required for cleaning. Occasionally, the renter will be asked to vacate the premises until the procedure is complete.

Technician training.

According to technician training, the chemicals must be kept appropriately, and any unused chemicals must be disposed of properly. This is because the chemical is toxic to both the renters and the technician.

When you bring the system in for maintenance, it will be subjected to a rigorous procedure. Also, the interior and outdoor units will be cleaned and reinstalled, and the refrigerant will be topped off. Without routine maintenance, the air conditioning system would be susceptible to several issues. It will cost a significant amount of money to fix, and its efficiency will decrease substantially.

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