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Everything You Need to Know about Home Renovation: A Beginner’s Guide


Apr 17, 2023
Home Renovation

Congratulations on the purchase of your new home! It is time to make your house a home by doing some renovations. And while embarking on a makeover might be a difficult adventure filled with countless choices, we’re here to assist.

Selecting an Interior Design Style

Begin by establishing a mood board and researching interior design styles that pique your interest. If you have a daring attitude and enjoy experimenting with unexpected combinations to get new looks, an eclectic style may be for you – an assortment of trends, influences, and inspirations. Just as your clothes or preferred films reflect your personality, so too does your living area!

Take the time to investigate interior design concepts to determine what’s hot and what’s not. Then you will be able to visualise your dream house.

Figuring Out Your Budget

Are you interested in renovating an HDB home in Singapore? Or are you refurbishing a BTO or resale unit? Since most fixtures are new in BTO apartments and condominiums, refurbishment expenditures may be kept to a minimum. However, creating solutions that maximise space in these tiny places may drastically increase your expenditure. At least $20,000 is a reasonable estimate for your budget.

As resale apartments are often larger, they incur greater refurbishment expenses. Unless your flat has been recently updated, you should anticipate substantially renovating your plumbing, electrical, and flooring. It is a vital task for hygienic reasons that might cost between $20,000 and $30,000. In total, you may anticipate spending at least $50,000.

It is also useful to know that different interior styles have differing costs, depending on whether they employ a great deal of freestanding furniture or built-in cabinetry. Therefore, you must carefully consider your needs and priorities to generate an appropriate budget estimate.

Designer vs Contractor

The contractors only execute your strategy and directions. In contrast, an interior designer would be responsible for project management from conception to implementation. A contractor would suffice for modest renovation projects. However, a professional interior designer would make the process much easier and more manageable if you renovate or refurbish several rooms.

Homeowners who hire a contractor may be attempting to save money, but without enough research and planning, they may wind up spending more on prices and experiencing repeated setbacks. A skilled interior designer could suggest solutions for homeowners to save money without sacrificing aesthetics.

They would be able to advise you not just on the general design of your house but also on the technical aspects that we may overlook. For example, is this material appropriate for intense cooking? How tall ought your built-in bed to be? Should you rearrange your power points or build new ones? These are the details that a designer with a sharp eye would notice.

During Renovation

Once you have obtained the keys, you should inspect the apartment for faults while accompanied by your interior designer. You must also set up your basic utilities so workers can access water and power for their tools. Don’t leave valuables lying around; install a lock that only you and your interior designer can open. There will be contractors, builders, and electricians coming and going.

Ensure that you receive regular updates from your interior designer on the renovation’s progress. Nevertheless, try to stop by once every week to see that everything is proceeding according to plan and as intended. Notify your interior designer of any dissatisfaction.

After Renovation

Perform a final inspection, examining features such as electrical outlets and hinge movement and highlighting problem areas. Arrange for the delivery of furniture and other d├ęcor items, and you’re finished! Finally, it is time for the grand unveiling. All that’s left to do is invite relatives and friends to see your wonderful new home!

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