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House painter: what material?


Jan 21, 2023
House painter

To intervene on the various construction sites entrusted to them, house painters must equip themselves accordingly. Indeed, work accessories guarantee the safety and quality of the various tasks performed. All professionals must therefore invest in suitable equipment in order to offer services that meet customer expectations. Here is a series of tools to have imperatively to exercise this profession.

Protective accessories

To protect the face, the body and the work environment, it is essential to have the appropriate tools . These include tarpaulins, clothing and masks for painters.


Tarpaulins are essential accessories for a house painter, as they help preserve the working environment and the equipment already installed. For an application on the walls for example, they will be used to protect the doorposts and the floor. To get some, go to a specialized store likeĀ  which offers a variety of tools for all building trades. The use of tarpaulins guarantees a quality result and a well-kept job. This material comes in several forms, but there are mainly plastic sheets, absorbent sheets and masking paper .

Personal protective equipment

In addition to tarpaulins, a painter must have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). These are mandatory since they protect the physical integrity of the craftsman . It is obvious that the professional will face the dust and the splash of toxic products on a daily basis. Appropriate clothing for this work is therefore necessary. For example, you will find in this category disposable coveralls , gloves, and charlottes to cover your head. Protective masks are also available on the market to protect the professional from the risks of inhaling chemical materials.

Plastering and smoothing tools

In addition to the brushes, rollers, and guns that we know, painters also need much more specific equipment to perfect their work. First of all, you should know that fillers and other products used to fill, smooth, protect or even shine are generally sold in powder form. Each painter must therefore always travel with a sufficient number of containers that will be used for the preparation, such as waste bins. To proceed with the mixing, it will also be necessary to think of having a mixer if it is a question of a large quantity of products.

Before painting, the craftsman must prepare his work surface by smoothing and filling in any holes and imperfections. For this, he will need scrapers, sandpaper , and a good putty knife. To hide the holes perfectly, you must first use the scraper to widen them, and make the cracks more homogeneous. It is then possible to apply the coating with the adapted knife, then to smooth the whole with a little sanding. Note that there are also machines for projecting the coating , as there are many others to facilitate the work of the painter or the plasterer.

To conclude, it is essential, even mandatory depending on the products being handled, to wear personal protective equipment and surface protection equipment , to guarantee your own safety and that of customers’ furniture. It is also necessary to think about more specific tools, which intervene before and after painting, to obtain a perfect result and apply the other products. Finally, since it will probably be necessary to paint surfaces at height, do not hesitate to invest in stilts adapted to the work of the house painter.

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