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How to decorate your new house?


Jan 21, 2023
decorate your new house

Once the new house is finished and delivered, all that remains is to fit it out and decorate it. The new house can be delivered to you without the flooring already being laid. Painting is also part of the finishes that can be carried out after the reception of your house. The advantage of decorating a  new house  is the ease of laying the wall and floor coverings . Indeed, the surface is clean and free of old coatings to be removed beforehand.

The new home guide can also provide you with valuable information for the construction of your home. Here are several useful tips to help you choose the decoration of your interior.


Precautions to take before laying a parquet floor in a new house

Parquet seduces because of its natural appearance and its quality of insulation placed on a floor. Parquet is making a comeback in new homes, with many shades and tints.

However, wood remains a natural material which reacts in particular to the rate of hygrometry. In addition, solid wood flooring requires more maintenance than tiles , in order to avoid staining or damaging it.

Once the house has been delivered, the question that may arise is: when to lay the parquet in a new house? Indeed, where tiling and laminate flooring are not very sensitive to humidity, solid wood can deform on contact with a screed that is still too damp. Depending on the period of construction of your new house, it is advisable to wait several weeks, even several months before laying the parquet on your floor. In addition, it is not recommended to lay tiles in certain humid rooms such as the bathroom or the kitchen.

Before laying parquet in the living room or bedroom, check first that the slab and the screed are completely dry . A dry touch on the surface is not a sufficient guarantee that your parquet will not deform due to too much humidity. It is advisable to wait until a summer has passed before laying a solid wood floor, to ensure that the slab is dry.

To find out if the floor in your home is dry enough to accommodate your hardwood floors, you can put coarse salt on it and see if the salt dissolves due to the absorbed moisture . If the coarse salt remains dry, it is a good indicator of low humidity. You can also lay a rubber mat over the screed. If the next day you notice condensation under the carpet, it is because the slab or the screed is still rejecting too much humidity to accommodate your parquet.

As an indication, it takes 2 weeks of drying time for 1 centimeter of slab thickness. In some regions, the recommended drying time before laying the parquet floor can extend up to 1 year. This period may seem very long for new buyers who want to enjoy their new home now. However, the delay in benefiting from a well-laid solid parquet floor can be worth the wait. Indeed, solid wood flooring has many advantages such as:

its warmth and comfort to the touch, always appreciable on the floor of a living room.

To keep its original appearance without stains, the parquet must be regularly oiled or vitrified . In addition, solid parquet remains a more expensive floor covering than laminate or engineered parquet.

What flooring should I put in a new house?

Among the finishes that you can achieve after the reception of your new house, the installation of the floor covering is as much functional as aesthetic. A wide range of floors is offered, ranging from natural materials such as solid wood parquet to more industrial surfaces such as tiles or vinyl.

Which floors to choose for your new house? Depending on the function of the room where the new floor is to be installed and your aspirations in terms of decoration, many models of coverings are available in several materials and colours.

The rooms

In so-called dry living rooms, it is possible to lay almost all types of floor coverings. When the concrete slab has finished drying, you can give free rein to your imagination to create a floor that corresponds in all respects to your desires.

The real solid wood parquet brings an undeniable charm to a parental suite, a guest room or even a child’s room. Once vitrified, the parquet is resistant to stains for easy maintenance. The natural warmth of wood is much appreciated when getting out of bed. This flooring is more expensive per square meter than vinyl or tile, but it brings undeniable added value to the room . In addition, parquet can be renovated easily, unlike soft floors that cut or tiles that split.

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