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How to furnish your house?


Jan 21, 2023
furnish your house

Are you looking for a solution to equip your home on the cheap ? On  you will find a wide choice of functional furniture at low prices and decorative items for the furnishing of your home, which have nothing to envy to the big brands.

Create a practical entrance that has style

Shoe cabinet, storage bench, coat rack, rug, mirror, console table… furnishing such a small space must be well thought out to be practical. Combine business with pleasure by discovering  how to choose your entrance decoration with ID Market.

Which TV cabinet to choose?

Are you hesitating between a TV stand with an industrial, Scandinavian or vintage design? A rather functional or aesthetic product? Wood or metal? ID Market explains how to choose your TV cabinet .

In leather, cotton fabric or even velvet, a corner sofa, straight or convertible,  how to choose your sofa?

The armchair in France has always had its importance in the furnishing of living rooms. A wooden structure, a fabric covering (cotton or velvet) and remarkable details have made the success of French products such as the crapaud armchair or the cabriolet.

How to furnish your house?

Table with lift-up, sliding or pull-out top, the coffee table is intended to be aesthetic, but also practical thanks to the storage space allowing you to fit small accessories (remote controls, magazines, etc.). See instead how to choose your coffee table .

The library from all angles

In the dining room, the office, or even under the stairs, to display your works of art or your collection of books, the bookcase adapts to all rooms and all uses. Find out how to choose your library .

The sideboard: essential piece of furniture for your living rooms

Do you want to embellish your interior with a practical and elegant sideboard? This timeless piece of furniture, which has been able to reinvent itself over the course of decorative trends, is a must in homes!

It comes in a multitude of styles and designs: Scandinavian, modern, contemporary, industrial, rustic… It’s up to you to find the model that best matches the style and atmosphere of your decor.

Dimensions, materials, colors, design…  How to choose your sideboard  ? It’s not always easy to choose the right sideboard, which will best fit into the atmosphere of your interior and the layout of the room. ID Market helps you to see more clearly in order to better support you throughout your purchase.

Metal sideboard, Nordic-style enfilade furniture, entrance console furniture, chest of drawers… On ID Market, discover a wide range of chic buffet furniture at low prices to optimize your space with style!

Both inexpensive furniture and interior decoration , shelves are essential furnishings for a home. In natural wood or black metal, for the bedroom, the kitchen, the dining room or even the toilet,  how to choose your shelves? Find the ideal product available on the ID Market online store.

Find the table you need

Dimensions, materials, colors are details that make all the difference among the collection of tables available in our online store.

The choice of a comfortable and design chair

In wood, metal or fabric (cotton, velvet, polyester…), the chair comes in all its forms. But then,  how to choose chairs? Armrests, dimensions, what details should be favored so that a chair adapts to the furniture in your dining room?

How to select the right bar stool?

How to choose your bar stool?  When it comes to stools, it is better to choose products at the right height. Practical, some items offer adjustable feet. For style, you now have other choices than the black leather seat, today we like colored fabric canvases.

The kitchen island: adopt it!

Are you planning to fit out a functional and convivial kitchen? Opt for a central island, one of the star pieces of kitchen furniture in France. How to choose your central island? Here are some tips for acquiring the ideal product.

Choose your high table

To have breakfast, share a coffee, or even work, high tables are attracting more and more French people. How to choose your high table?  or his  high bar ? Follow the guide for furnishing your interior according to the rules of the art.

Set up a designer office at home

How to choose your office?  Find tips for the smart furnishing of your office. A wide choice of practical and inexpensive furniture is available on IDMarket.com.

Choice of blinds and curtains

Roller blinds, curtains with eyelets or tabs, sifting fabric, blackout, insulation… There are so many products, at such varied prices, that it is sometimes difficult to find your way around.

Find the bed that suits you

How to choose your bed?  Vast question when you know that you spend a third of your life in bed. So that your change of bedding does not turn into a nightmare, follow the tips for successfully furnishing your bedroom.

How to choose the right bedding?

Comfortable bedding is essential to enjoy a restful sleep. Mattress, duvet, pillow:  how to choose your bedding? We tell you everything to carry out your project with complete peace of mind.

The headboard: comfort and elegance in your bedroom

Furnishing a bedroom cannot be totally successful without a headboard to complete the decor. Go to IDMarket.com to find out how to choose your headboard .

Find the perfect bedside table

A side table within reach of the bed, the bedside table often matches the bedroom furniture. We tell you  how to choose your bedside table for a perfect match.

WC cabinet: how to make the right choice?

Are you looking for a functional and decorative WC cabinet to maximize the storage space in your bathroom? This very small space, often unloved in a house, needs to be fitted out with suitable furniture in order to make effective use of every square centimeter of this room.

On the market, toilet furniture comes in a wide choice of styles, materials and sizes: modern style, industrial design, bamboo… It’s up to you to find the one that meets your desires and your storage needs.

Dimensions, materials, colors…  How to choose the right WC cabinet ? ID Market gives you useful advice for finding the furniture that will best fit the constraints of your room.

Column cabinet for WC or bathroom, shelf to be fixed to the wall, cabinet or shelf above WC or washing machine: on ID Market, find a complete and varied range of designer and inexpensive furniture to intelligently arrange your space!

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