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The Advantages of Investing in Rattan Made Furniture


Jun 5, 2023
Rattan Made Furniture

Decorative and long-lasting rattan furniture is an excellent alternative to traditional wooden garden furniture. Natural rattan is produced from the secondary growth of tropical palm trees. This lightweight material is ideal for sunrooms and bringing the outdoors into the home. The appearance of eco (synthetic) rattan is similar to that of natural rattan, but it has the advantages of plastic furniture. The weave of eco-rattan furniture is created with resin before being woven around an aluminium frame. Thus, eco-friendly rattan furniture is more durable, substantial, and stable than plastic and its natural equivalent.

We have outlined the benefits of Singapore rattan furniture so that you will be capable of making an informed decision regarding the material of your next piece of furniture.

Versatile and Resilient

Generally, outdoor rattan furniture can last longer than leather or wood furniture. Rattan furniture is renowned for its resistance to rain, snow, and freezing, as well as its minimal upkeep requirements to maintain its excellent condition. Another benefit of rattan furniture is its lightweight nature. This means that you can rearrange your furniture with ease. Whether you want to make space for a garden party or take advantage of the summer sun, you can easily modify your outdoor floor plan. This is extremely reassuring if you have young children roaming your garden. It can withstand any rough and rowdy treatment if they ever bump or come into contact with the furniture.

Eco-Friendly Origin

Due to the fact that rattan is made from a sustainable material, you can rest assured that your purchase is environmentally friendly. Since rattan is manufactured from secondary growth fibres such as vines, the manufacturers of this furniture do not take down entire trees. The vines are cut and allowed to regrow before being chopped again to create additional furniture. We must maintain our commitment to promoting sustainability in the furniture industry. The natural resources of entire forests have been depleted by furniture manufacturers that supply chain retailers. By purchasing rattan furniture, you are reducing the environmental impact of the furniture industry.


Another benefit of rattan furniture is that it is exceptionally durable. In contrast to plastic furniture, rattan is resistant to UV discolouration, so your lovely white chairs will never turn yellow in the sun. In addition, rattan is more than able to withstand frigid temperatures; it is water-resistant and only requires wiping after a storm. That being said, if you plan to use your rattan furniture outdoors, you must ask the retailer if it has been treated for outdoor use. If it hasn’t already, it only requires a bit of preparation. With a lacquer coating, your rattan furniture can remain outside in the rain all day.

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